Fast Growing Sex Themed Blog Available

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We are proud to offer a fast growing sex themed blog.

The site was created in 2019.  

What started as a simple cam review blog quickly turned into one of the most visited adult-oriented sites out there. It covers topics from cam sites, pornstars, sexuality to any adult-related theme.

The number of articles 333, valued at $60 per article.

Website authority score is well over 35 (according to Semrush).

Traffic is growing from month to month. 

In the last three months, it crossed well over 700,000 unique monthly visitors. 

Most of the traffic comes from Google.

Right now, there are over 25,000 daily unique visitors and the site positions for over 18,000 keywords in USA alone, plus other countries.

There has been no advertising for the site or any kind of marketing, besides SEO and content writing. No link building schemes, no Private Blog Networks or anything similar.

Many other websites in the industry needed 6 to 8 years to grow as much as this site has. This has been done in just over a year.

For example: has 21,000 keywords they position for, while this site has grown to over 18,000 in just 15 months.

Anyone who buys this site will instantly become a leader in the industry with expected year-over-year growth.

Website monetization options are endless, since from the start they have created multiple revenue sources so that any buyer can be secure that this site will continue to grow well into the future.

As you may know, last year we had more google updates than ever before, and amazingly, not a single one affected the site in a negative way, allowing it to gain on the competition.

This is not a niche site that was created to sell it and earn a profit, this is an authority site built with love from the ground up with unique and leading content, photos and connections in the industry.

Only 395,000 US Dollars